Investments plans!
. 1.92% Daily for 2 months +$10 (115.2% Profit)
. 2.16% Daily for 2 months +$20 (129.6% Profit)
. 2.4% Daily for 2 months +$30 (144% Profit)
. 4% Daily for 38 days +$50 (152% Profit)
. 110% After 20 days +$10 (110% Profit)
Look here the investments plans: stable program to invest!
Jan-2-2018 08:11:51 PM
Happy New Year!
. We in BankSolidPay would like to wish you and your families a very Happy New Year. We hope that the new year will be prosperous and happy for you and your loved ones.
This time of the year is the right moment to look back and analyze both accomplishments and mistakes we made over the past year. We are very proud to say that there have been more accomplishments than mistakes, but we surely admit there is still a lot to be done. As you know, we are doing our best to excel in everything we do, so we were working really hard to get the best results for your investments. We have also put a lot of effort in improving the customer service and your overall experience at BankSolidPay.
You can rest assured that we at BankSolidPay are not the ones to let the grass grow under our feet. We will continue improving our services and working hard to make sure that the returns on investments we offer remain as stable as they always were.
We hope the New Year bring you higher heights of success, rich blessings, renewed hope, energy and strength.
. New investment plan: 4% Daily for 38 Days +$50 = 152% Profit
. Register on over 30 forums, our big promoter has already provided us the links of many forums that will be added today at
. Become our representative with +$300 invested and earn up to 10% of all your direct referrals:
Happy Holidays!
Sincerely, BankSolidPay Team
Jan-1-2018 09:27:42 AM
Team Bonus!
Team Turnover: $1000 - Bonus: $20
Team Turnover: $2500 - Bonus: $60
Team Turnover: $5000 - Bonus: $150 stable program to invest!
Dec-20-2017 08:13:39 PM
Minimum withdraw!
. Minimum withdraw in AdvanvedCash: $0.10
. Minimum withdraw in PerfectMoney, Payeer, NixMoney, Paypal and Litecoin: $3
. Minimum withdraw in Bitcoin: $10 stable program to invest!
Dec-15-2017 09:19:01 PM
Referral comission and representatives!
Earn up to 10% in yours all referrals comissions!
. Affliate - $10-499: 3%
. Representative level A - $500-699: 5%
. Representative level B - $700-999: 7%
. Representative level C - $1000-50000: 10%
Who can participate in our representative program?
Any person since the total deposit invested is +$500, to become our representative. No need send email us for earn more %, is add automatic and you can earn +2% up 10% bonus deposit in 3 levels of yours all referrals direct invested
What are the advantages of representatives?
You can become an official representative and awarded with a higher commission (5-7-10%), get in touch with support center 24 hours a day for email, attract more investors from your region by being listed in our representatives page and many more advantages which can be discussed individually with administrative department.
More info: stable program to invest!
Dec-15-2017 09:03:59 PM
Exchange money between wallets!
Buy Bitcoins and withdraw for card Cryptopay: stable program to invest!
Dec-15-2017 07:39:10 PM
Referral links of wallets our work!
Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Etherum, EtherClassic, Ripple, AudioCoin, Aeron, Dash, Lisk, Peercoin, Steem, TetherUsd, Vertcoin, Monero and ZCash: stable program to invest!
Dec-15-2017 05:13:10 PM
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